Here is a non-exhaustive and non-hierarchical list of lightworkers in the general population who participate directly to the liberation movement :

cornerscietDane Arr : Web admin, astrologer, researcher.

rob Rob Potter : New technology/sacred geometry inventor, media.

untwine Untwine : Sound healer, gridworker, researcher.

therese Therese Zumi : Media, Lightwork.

nova The Event Reference by C# and Nova Biscotti : Event planning, news, general lightwork


The Event Chronicle : Daily alternative news


 Jedi Golden Age : Lightwork and PFC group in Taiwan, Taipei

 Ground Crew Japan : Lightwork and PFC group in Japan : Cobra, PFC and other alternative news in German

smaly Smaly Seven : Video maker, general lightwork

fa Fa Sirius : Video maker, general lightwork

 Agarthan Alliance : Agarthan contactees, alternative solutions for basic needs, meditation, research.

nvisible Solara and the Nvisible : Visionnary, brought forth knowledge about 11:11 stargates, general lightwork.


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